My name is Godfrey Dambuleni. I am a passionate artist and sculptor from Zimbabwe, specializing in artwork made from recycled materials (mainly metal). I am originally from Harare in Zimbabwe, where as a child I made toys out of wire to play with. About 20 years ago I came to South Africa to look for work, but I couldn't find a job. That led me back to the skills I had acquired as a child making objects out of wire. I started making wire globes, outlining the continents with thin sheets of beaten metal - that was the beginning of a 20-year career of using recycled metal for art and sculpture.

Godfrey has been running Mixed Ideaz, a recycling art workshop in the heart of Cape Town, for many years. It's the meeting place and training center for many of the area's best recycling artists, who come here to pool their skills and share ideas.

”I believe strongly in recycling because it saves money, saves the earth for future generations and creates jobs from scrap."