Zoë Mafham obtained her BA degree in Art from Liverpool University. Through the years Zoë has been practicing as a multimedia artist, specializing in collage. She has been living in Muizenberg, south of Cape Town the last thirteen years.

Her inspiration for collage pieces are gained through studying or visually observing street scenes, urban bustle and faces/figures within their environment. This subject matter is a clear focus and basis for most of her collage pieces. Zoë has achieved a sense of style and technique that is unique to her work (collage pieces) that constantly developed over a period of 10 years. Her technique incorporates the use of torn magazine and printed material, with relevance to the subject matter, which is stuck to board or canvas and usually overlaid in black ink that is applied roughly with a stick, to create more definition within a piece.

Being proud of her technique, Zoë is currently teaching this technique and love for art to the general public through workshops/collaboration conducted from her home in Muizenberg, Cape Town. Contributing to enhance the lack of art education she has given successful collage workshops on a voluntary basis as part of an arts program in the Cape Flats.

Numerous commissions, including a recent work for Levis Strauss has been done by Zoë as well as various exhibitions of her collages extensively in the UK (Oxford, Manchester and Edinburgh) as well as in Cape Town where she currently lives, works and teaches.